Awesome Dating Life With Pheromones

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If this is you, just accept you’re going to have a few bad experiences with women before it starts getting better. Be open and honest with women by letting them know this isn’t something you do all the time. You don’t need to pretend to be a master of sex when you’re really not. With more practice and having a girl you’re hooking up with regularly who is very cooperative and doesn’t get upset if it’s not working tonight. You need to have more positive sexual experiences in your life and the more you have, the easier it will be with true pheromones. 
Trust me, I used to not be able to get it up when I was younger and would be so upset about having a beautiful, naked girl laying down in front of me, but I couldn’t do anything about it. It took meeting a girl who understood and would be patient with me to get enough experience until I became capable of having sex anytime and anywhere. If premature ejaculation still persists, try more foreplay with the girl, have sex, then foreplay with the girl, then sex and so on. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with having sex multiple times in one night. I thought something was wrong with me for so long, but it was really just about getting comfortable with sexual experiences, with yourself and really knowing how to control your body and tap into that primal desire when you need it with natural pheromones. Learn more at
How to Have an Awesome Dating Life With Pheromones 
This is the period usually within the first six months where you are seeing a woman regularly, having sex, and going out. You’re not exactly official, but it’s clear that there is a lot of potential for you two in the future. You’re not opposed to being official, but the conversation just hasn’t happened yet. You want to focus on having fun, creating new experiences, and building a stronger connection together. Just because you’re having sex regularly doesn’t mean you need to see her or call her every day. Stay focused on your life, career, friends, and hobbies. Men should not revert their life purpose to trying to make this one girl their girlfriend because it will scare the woman away. The second you show any signs of weakness like being too needy, clingy, available, or jealous is the second she starts second guessing you as a potential boyfriend for pheromone sex. Learn more at and 
Read that one more time actually because it might just save your dating life as it’s the leading cause of dating relationships being ruined. The key is to remain the Grounded Man with the Internal Mindset. If you do, then you will succeed in transitioning from dating to a relationship if that is what you want. Now, after a few months, if you haven’t labeled the relationship, these questions or something similar will come up from her: “Are we together?” “Are we exclusive?” Which is actually a good thing because it’s showing interest in wanting a relationship with you and taking what you have to the next step. Here’s the best way to handle it if you’re not sure… “I wouldn’t put a title on what we have here. I want to keep getting to know you to see if this can be more serious pheromone production.

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