Looking for Help with Termites

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Jane and I have started to look at new projects. Our last one worked out quite well and we made a good profit on it, although it is a cash profit and perhaps the math would not be so great if you looked at all of the hours of work we put in it. Right now we are looking at a nice place which needs a good bit of work, for starters you would need to find termite control in New York City. So far they have not really done much damage, but that is not something that you can wait around on. You have to find some person who can get rid of them as quickly as possible and then you have to repair the damage that has been done. It looks to me as though I can fix a good deal of what has been done, but some of it is not really accessible without taking out a lot of plumbing and electrical wiring first. I might be able to do that, but it is not really something that I have a lot of time to deal with. The rest of the house has it’s share of problems, but for the most part these are not anything which I can not manage with a little help from people that I know. In truth I would re do the kitchen if it were my intention to keep the house and live in it. If you want to sell the house, then you think about how much you pay for upgrades and how much you will gain. In this case the kitchen is not a deal breaker I do not think. Most buyers would be able to live with it. So it is hard to know if you would get the money back when you sold it.

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