When AC Systems Can Become Dangerous

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It is not easy to replace an air conditioner for a convenience store. Our systems are on the roof. There are four on top of the building. The oldest one needed to be replaced. It kept breaking down, and the water condensate was tested and showed the presence of pathogenic bacteria. If you remember, this is how Legionella was discovered to have killed people in 1976. The bacteria exists in nature, but you do not want it in your AC system. Our new system was being installed by a professional company that does HVAC installation in NYC. The entire duct system and other AC units on the roof were sanitized twice. We passed the health department inspection twice and then a third time after the new unit was installed.

You do not expect this sort of thing to happen. Who thinks about the water that is dripping from an AC unit’s evaporator coils? Do you? That old rusting hulk of an AC system on our roof caused us a lot of problems, and we were very happy to have it replaced. Of course, the old one and the new one had to be hoisted by a crane set up in the parking lot. The old one was handled by the crew like it was some sort of dangerous animal. I suppose in a way it was. They did a great job not only replacing the old AC unit, they balanced our air conditioning system so it is comfortable throughout the store now even on the hottest days in New York. I still think about what was discovered in the condensate water at times when the store is quiet and I hear the AC system cycle on. There are lot of things to be worried about in the city, and probably no one but me thinks about worrying about building AC systems harboring illness potential.

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